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GO-Global Cloud

GO-Global Cloud takes application virtualization to the next level. It is able to create a large-scale, secure and private cloud environment that is capable to centralize Windows, UNIX and Linux applications for cross-platform remote access.

GO-Global Cloud Components

  • GO-Global Host- Virtualizes applications without having to modify them. Local and remote users can access the applications just through they were running locally.

Available using GO-Global Windows Host 4. Coming soon for GO-Global UNIX/Linux.
  • GO-Global Cloud Server – GO-Global Cloud Server provides a high availability, secure gateway to GO-Global Hosts. Administrators have the right of control to monitor and manage clusters of GO-Global Hosts supporting thousands of users.
  • GO-Global Cloud Client – GO-Global Cloud Client is used by user to access GO-Global Hosts. It is capable to run on Windows, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X computers.

GO-Global Cloud Features

  • Load Balancing
  • Flash-based Client and HTTP Tunneling
  • Document Sharing
  • Web API
  • Enterprise-level Authentication
  • Secure Architecture
  • Per-user Configuration
  • Directory Services and Smart Authentication
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Drag and Drop Publishing
  • Message Broadcasting
  • Private Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

GO-Global Cloud Benefits

  • Access from AnywhereCan access to the Application and documents from any where.

Private Cloud for your Coporate

  • Our optional GO-Global Cloud Server provides a secure, high-availability gateway to
    GO-Global Hosts. It's the easy way for your company to create a large-scale, secure,
    private cloud environment that centralizes your Windows, UNIX and Linux applications.
    GO-Global Cloud provides powerful enterprise-level authentication, access control,
    load balancing, and more.
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